About Gschpusi

The name Gschpusi is a colloquial variation of the Italian word „sposo“, used in southern German (Bavaria) and Austrian regions for “romantic relationship”. Giving your live or partnership a shot of romance can never be wrong. Gschpusi gives every occasion a certain flirt factor.

As the only manufacturer in Europe, our selection contains the crowd-pleasing flavors Cherry (Kirsch), Ice, Fig (Feige), Herbs (Kräuter), and Sour (Sauer), all produced in best Austrian quality. 

Gschpusi is not only schnaps or liquor – Gschpusi is lifestyle. Flirting, fun and bliss.

And do not forget – there is a kiss for each Gschpusi!

Gschpusi Ice

Liquor with ice candy flavor
20% Vol. Alc.
PU 25 pcs. 0,02l glass bottle

Now with 5 stickers in each pack!

€ 16,90 inkl. 20% MwSt.

Gschpusi Original

Kirsch-Cranberry-Mandel Likör
20% Vol. Alk.
VE 25 Stk. 0,02l Glasflasche

Die fruchtige Kirsche mit Amaretto – da kann niemand widerstehen!

€ 16,90 inkl. 20% MwSt.


JETZT STATT 15,90 - NUR 13,90!!!

Likör mit Eisbonbon-Geschmack
20% Vol. Alk.
VE 25 Stk. 0,02l Glasflasche

€ 13,90 inkl. 20% MwSt.